1 产品介绍
    1 Product Introduction
            CZHN series I plasma organic waste gas purifier adopts the latest technology standard module design of adsorption,decomposition,carbonation. It changed the technology of using activated carbon materials, no need to regenerate raw materials, no special person should be appointed, no secondary pollution, easy to replace and maintain (can be replaced under the normal operation of the equipment maintenance operation).
            CZHN series---- ion-organic waste gas purifier products, no need to increase the exhaust equipment, small wind resistance, easy to install, and it could be manufactured in divided groups according to the customer's site environment requirements . Convenient transportation and installation, compact equipment structure, low investment improved the convenience of the equipment. The products are made of standard materials or all stainless steel materials, the air volume is 50T60000m3/h
    2 净化机理
    Purification Mechanism
            The pulsed high-voltage frequency-modulated plasma power supply and the tooth plate discharge device are used to generate the active free radical with high intensity, high concentration and high energy, and conduct the REDOX reaction to the harmful waste gas molecules instantaneously within the time of millisecond, and degrade most pollution in the waste gas into carbon dioxide, water and easily processed substances.
           The strong oxidization and high absorb ability of the catalytic oxidant are used to continuously carry out catalytic oxidation reaction on the unprocessed pollutants and the generated substances of the plasma, so that the harmful waste gas can finally reach the standard after multistage purification.
           The novel structure design organically combines the low-temperature plasma generator and catalytic oxidation unit in the same purification equipment, giving full play to the efficiency of compound purification, making it meet the design requirements of small occupation, light weight, low energy consumption and high efficiency.
    3 功能特点
    3  Functions and Features
    1.With a high efficiency of one-time purification, can simultaneously purify a variety of pollutants.
    2.Fire performance adopts switch, power supply, circuit triple automatic protection.
    3.The equipment is small in size, compact in structure and mature in process.
    4. Low equipment investment, low operating costs.
    5. Safe and stable, easy maintenance, available working time is long .
    6. High efficiency, no secondary.
    4 安装工艺流程图
    4  Installation Guide Chart
            Minghong Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd uses the cylindrical peak and nest electric field, lengthened multi-purpose pointer placement technology and successfully applied it into the plasma purifier. The efficiency of the low-temperature plasma purifier of the cylindrical honeycomb electric field is much higher than that of the plate and line electric field purifier.
            On the premise of the same air volume, the purification efficiency of Minghong environmental-friendly cylindrical honeycomb electric lampblack purifier can only be achieved by triploid product of plate and wire equipment.